Use: Macro skill.
Sample specializations: By terrain type (mountain, desert, forest, jungle, urban)
This skill gives its user the ability to follow a trail left by another creature or vehicle. It combines the ability to notice details of the environment with the processing of that information to recognize signs of recent or not so recent passage A character using just Perception or find might see all the clues, but not put the information together correctly.
To use the skill, the tracker generates a total against a difficulty number of 8. If the target tries to conceal her trail, she generates a tracking skill total of her own and this becomes the difficulty of following her trail. The difficulty number of a tracking attempt is
modified by the following factors:


Situation Modifier
Trail is a day old +2
Trail is a few days old +5
Trail is a week old +8
Trail passes through a trafficked area +2 To +10
Tracking during inclement weather +5
Tracking over a hard surface (cement, rock) +10
Per person being tracked -1
Tracking through mud or snow -5
Tracking a vehicle -5
Per vehicle -2

A tracker is required to make a new tracking skill check every time conditions of the trail change, such as the trail crossing from one type of surface to another or a change in the weather.
Gamemasters should consider requiring a couple of skill checks be made for following any trail regardless of length and even if none of the conditions change along the trail. As a minimum, following a trail should involve three skill checks; one to find the trail and get started, one along the trail, and one close to the end so that there’s a risk of losing the trail.


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