Use: Unskilled use penalized. Macro skill.
Sample specializations: Banknotes, signatures, passports, licenses, paintings
Axiom: Social 5; Tech axiom requirements for specializations.
The forgery skill allows a character to produce copies or fake versions of documents such as money and identity papers. The skill can be used to duplicate existing works of art such as paintings but cannot be used to produce fake pieces of art, such as a “lost” Rembrandt painting. That requires the artist skill.
The forger generates a forgery skill total that then becomes the difficulty number for anyone trying to spot the forgery for what it is. Attempts to see through a forgery are made with the Perception attribute or with evidence analysis if the character is actively trying to detect a forgery. The forgery skill total can be modified by several factors:


Condition Modifier
Forger is very familiar with item or has a sample to work from +5
Forger is somewhat familiar with item +3
Forger has seen item often +0
Item has only been described -2
Forger is blindly guessing -7
Forger has all the necessary tools and materials +1 To +5
Forger is missing tools or supplies -1 To -5
Primitive document +3
High-tech document -3
  • Relative to the tech axiom of the forger.

Example: Quin contacts an old friend for a favor; he needs some fake identity papers to get into a Victorian government office building in Orrorsh. Quin can describe the papers to his friend but does not have an example to show him. The paper and ink used are commonplace though and won’t be hard to acquire and Quin’s friend is from Core Earth so the documents are pretty simplistic compared to the work he normally does.
Quin’s friend generates a forgery total of 15. There’s a -7 modifier for only having a description to work from, a +3 modifier for a Core Earther forging relatively primitive documents and Becky assigns a +5 modifier for the forger having all the right tools and materials.
The modifiers total up to +1 for a final forgery total of 16.


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