drama deck

The drama deck is a physical deck of cards that TORG uses for a variety of purposes.

They primarily provide a suite of additional bonuses that are in the players control, in and out of round play cards can be played to garner bonuses on certain skills and even get rerolls.

They also provide a means to medite combat, with an initiative line describing the order of play plus injecting an unknown element into the flow of action in the form of combat events.

Thirdly they provide a dramatic skill resolution mechanic which aids in maintaining a cinematic feel to certain critical moments.

But it is a physical set of cards, so how is it going to work in a game that is being played, predominantly, online…

Well firstly each different card type will be given its own wiki page so that players can reference the detail of what the card can do without it being repeated everywhere.
Secodnly, I will be keeping track of the deck and will post a page for each characters “hand” of cards. This way you, the players, will be able to know what cards you have at a given moment.

Anything else, I have yet to think of. Watch this space.

Now I just need to locate the damned deck!

drama deck

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