Use: Speed pushes may not be attempted unskilled. Macro use for long-distance travel.
Sample specializations: Sprint, long distance
This skill is a measure of a character’s ability to stay afloat and move in the water. It is also used for speed pushes (see Chapter Four) when a character wants to move faster than their swimming limit value as given in Chapter One. As a macro skill it can also be used to determine how long it takes a character to swim a certain distance or how far they can swim in a certain amount of time.
The following modifiers are used when a character makes a speed push roll with swimming. The gamemaster can also take them into account when determining the difficulty number for moving in the water without pushing.


Condition Modifier
Calm water -2
Rough water +2
Strong undercurrent +2
Dangerous undercurrent +4
Inappropriately dressed +2
Carrying a heavy load +2 Or more
Swimming equipment (fins, water wings, etc.) -1 To -5*
Character can breathe water -5

In non-combat situations, characters can move at their full swimming speed for only a short amount of time. For macro uses of the skill, reduce the character’s swimming limit value by two for distances over 200 meters and reduce it by three for distances over 3000 meters (about two miles).


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