Use: Macro skill. May sometimes be used as a round skill.
Sample specializations: Concealment, trailing, ambush
Characters with stealth can sneak about or hide without attracting attention. Characters who use stealth are not necessarily being quiet or invisible; the goal is to be unnoticed. A character can stealth through a large crowd of people and be in plain sight the whole time, but by “blending in” she is able to pass through the crowd without anyone really noticing her doing so.
To use stealth, the player generates an action total against a difficulty number equal to the Perception of the character whose attention is being avoided. An alert target, such as an on-duty security guard, is usually harder to avoid and the difficulty number is instead equal to the target’s find skill value. Automatic surveillance equipment will usually be listed with a find value or have a difficulty number for avoiding detection by the equipment.
Success means the character remains undetected, failure means she is automatically detected. If there is more than one target involved, such as trying to sneak past a patrol of two security guards, the stealth attempt is handled with the multi-action rules in Chapter Four.
If the character is being actively searched for, stealth becomes a round use skill instead of a macro skill and the character will have to make several stealth checks to avoid detection.
The conditions around the character can affect the difficulty of attempts to use stealth. The chart below lists some common modifiers. Keep in mind that some modifiers can be negated by certain circumstances. For example, if a sentry is equipped with night-vision goggles the modifiers for darkness should not be applied.


Condition Modifier
Rain, sleet, snow -1
Dawn or dusk, fog, trees, crowd, etc. -2
Night -3
Inattentive guards -3
Dense concealment (jungle, large crowd) -5
Attentive guards +3
Open terrain +3
Broad daylight, brightly lit area +4

*This includes guards who are actively searching for the character.

Example: Yukitada is chased into a room by a group of Nile Empire shocktroopers. She arrives slightly before the shocktroopers and ducks behind a tapestry, hoping to lose them. Barbara must generate a stealth total for Yukitada against a difficulty number equal to the guards’ find skill value (rather than their Perception because they are actively looking for her), taking into account the multi-action penalties for four targets and the additional +2 penalty because the guards are looking for her. If the skill check is successful, the shocktroopers don’t notice her. If it fails, they notice her standing behind the tapestry.
Later in the adventure, Yukitada is escaping from a prison cell and is trying to sneak down the corridor and past the guard watching the hallway. Becky decides that it will take Yukitada three rounds to stealthily move all the way down the hall, so Barbara must make
three stealth checks, one for each round of movement within the line of sight of the guard. If any of these checks fail, the guard will notice her in that round.


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