escape artist

Use: Unskilled use penalized. Macro skill.
Sample specializations: Types of restraints (such as ropes, chains, handcuffs, straitjacket)
This skill gives the character the ability to manipulate her body so as to be able to slip free from otherwise secure bonds by twisting, contorting, and writhing her body into a variety of “impossible positions”. A character with this skill may attempt to escape from almost any sort of confinement that physically restrains the body, so long as the character is not completely immobilized. The skill also allows a character to fit into and through spaces that would normally be too small or confined for a character.
The gamemaster should adjust the difficulty of any escape attempt if it is occurring under any unusual conditions, such as if the character is underwater, locked inside a steamer trunk, has a bundle of TNT strapped to her body or is in any other way not operating under optimal conditions.


Restraint Difficulty number
Ropes 10
Chains 12
Handcuffs 13
Straitjacket 15
Multiple bindings +2 To highest dn

Size of space compared to character

Three-quarters 13
One-half 18
One-quarter 25

Example: Barbara’s character, Yukitada, has been captured by the insidious Wu-Han of the Nile Empire and is hanging by her feet above a large vat of acid. She has been bound in a straitjacket and then was also wrapped in chains on top of that. The difficulty of the straitjacket is 15, increased by +2 because of the chains. Becky, the gamemaster, further increases the difficulty by an additional +4 because Yukitada is hanging upside down and swinging freely over the vat of acid. That brings the final difficulty number up to 21. Yukitada has an escape artist skill of 15. Barbara rolls a 10 and rerolls a 12 for a final die total of 22. On the bonus chart that is a +8 bonus, giving Yukitada an action total of 23. Success!
Later, after getting away from the acid vat, Yukitada’s only exit from Wu-Han’s torture chamber is through a small window 30 centimeters square (about one foot square). Becky figures this is an opening about half the size of what a normal character could fit through so the difficulty is 18. Becky rolls a 16 for a bonus of +3, getting an action total of 18. Yukitada just barely fits through the window and escapes.

escape artist

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