travels where the wave takes him

Name : Hikaru Yojimbo 2245.8403096 Home Cosm : Nippon Teach (Marketplace) Concept : Corporate Ronin
Possibilities : 10 Age : 29 Height : 5’ 10" Weight : 133 lbs
Axioms Value Axioms Value
Magic 2 Spiritual 8
Social 22 Tech 24
Wound Level
Wounded Heavy Wound Mortal Dead
Shock Damage K/O

Dexterity : 10
Acrobatics 1/11, Beast riding -/10, Dance -/10, Dodge 1/11, Escape Artist -/10, Fire Combat 2/12, Flight -/10, Heavy Weapons -/10, Lock Picking -/10, Long Jumping -/10, Manoeuvre -/10, Martial Arts (Kenjutsu) 1/11 Melee Weapons 3/13, Missile Weapons -/10, Prestidigitation -/10, Running -/10, Stealth -/10, Swimming -/10

Strength : 11
Climbing -/11, Lifting -/11

Toughness : 11
Resist Pain 1/12

Perception : 9
Air Vehicles -/9, Camouflage -/9, Craftsmanship (sword-making) 1/10, Direction Sense -/9, Disguise 1/10, Evidence Analysis 1/10, Find 1/10, First Aid 1/10, Forgery -/9, Gambling -/9, Land Vehicles -/9, Scholar -/9, Security 1/10, Tracking -/9, Trick -/9, Water Vehicles -/9

Mind : 8
Artist -/8, Business -/8, Demolitions -/8, Linguistics -/8, Medicine -/8, Meditation 1/9, Occult -/8, Psychology -/8, Streetwise -/8, Survival -/8, Test Of Wills -/8, Willpower -/8

Charisma : 9
Charm -/9, Performance Art -/9, Persuasion -/9, Taunt -/9

Spirit : 8
Faith Bushido -/8, Intimidation -/8, Reality (Nippon Tech) 1/9

Skill Notes: Your tag skill is Melee Weapons

Equipment: Kyoto Armour (armour value TOU+7/18; Chunyokai 13mm (damage vaue 18); Katana (damage value STR +7 /18); dagger (damage value STR +3 /14); 700,000 yen

Other Stuff

Martial Arts

Rank Tier Manoeuvre Training method Effect Known
1 Minor Block/Strike Parry an unarmed combat, martial arts, melee weapons or ranged weapon attack and then strike in the same round board break Yes
2 Minor feint martial arts as a trick against opponent, success siezes initiative rabbit chase Yes
3 Minor Shout of Warning Matial arts vs. opoentnts intimidate/spirit. Success means opponent is unskilled nxt round lure lark Yes
4 Minor disarm Attack and success results in oppoenent being disarmed memory
5 Minor Weapon break When defending any failed melee weapons attacks are subjected to STR+2 attack. Weapon breaks on good success pebble snatch
6 Major Flashback Reflect back on training in order to gain insight on current problem blind log run
7 Major Weapon Master +2 to actiing value with chosen weapon arrow in the air
8 Master Power Shout Stun oppoentns with Ki shout appreciate sunrise
requirements: Practitioners must have the Melee Weapons skill and meditation skills

Bonus chart


Bio : You inherited the Samurai mantle from your father, who inherited it from his father. Your family tradition has always been to serve a master, behe landowner or business owner. But with the climate in Marketplace, you decided there was more profit to be made as a free agent, and struck out on your own.
You accepted a high paying contract from 3327, only to discover that the target was an aged burakumin woman whose son wa a shiki leader. You coud not bring yourself to harm an unarmed woman even at that price, and you told 3327 so. The Triad branded you a threat to the economy, and the mega-corporations stopped hiring you.
You dissapeared into the back streets of Marketplace for months, until you found that there were others in need of your services. Independent corporations, Kashi hackers, and others all had a use for a warrior of your skill.
When 3327 opened a new “maelstrom market” on a planet called Earth, you mae it your business to pay the place a visit. There has been no lack of clients, particularly among the Rauru Block, and ou have even broken your own rule and done some jobs for free, if you felt the task was important enough and you liked the peope involved.

Personality: You love your work, and you consider yourself the best at what you do. You take a great deal of pride in your perfromance, and the fact that you have survived so long in such a dangerous business.

Quote: Yes, I can find a way in. I have seen that security system before; it poses no challenge. How much are willing to pay?


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