Name : Lauralanthas Home Cosm : Aylse Concept : Elven Dragon Rider
Possibilities : 10 Age : 126 Height : 6’ 2" Weight : 133 lbs
Axioms Value Axioms Value
Magic 18 Spiritual 18
Social 16 Tech 15
Wound Level
Wounded Heavy Wound Mortal Dead
Shock Damage K/O

Dexterity : 17 (14)
Acrobatics 1/18, Beast riding 3/20, Dance -/17, Dodge 1/18, Escape Artist -/17, Fire Combat -/17, Flight -/17, Heavy Weapons -/17, Lock Picking -/17, Long Jumping -/17, Manoeuvre 1/18, Melee Weapons 2/19, Missile Weapons 1/18, Prestidigitation -/17, Running -/17, Stealth -/17, Swimming -/17, Unarmed Combat 1/18

Strength : 8
Climbing -/8, Lifting -/8

Toughness : 8
Resist Pain -/9

Perception : 12 (9)
Air Vehicles -/12, Alteration Magic -/0, Camouflage -/12, Craftsmanship -/12, Direction Sense -/12, Disguise -/12, Divination Magic -/0, Evidence Analysis 1/13, Find -/12, First Aid -/12, Forgery -/12, Gambling -/12, Land Vehicles -/12, Scholar -/12, Security -/12, Tracking 1/13, Trick 1/13, Water Vehicles -/12

Mind : 9
Apportation Magic 1/10 , Artist -/9, Business -/9, Conjuration Magic -/0, Demolitions -/9, Linguistics 1/10, Medicine -/9, Occult -/9, Psychology -/9, Streetwise 1/10, Survival 1/10, Test Of Wills -/9, Willpower 1/10

Charisma : 9
Charm -/9, Performance Art -/9, Persuasion -/9, Taunt 1/10

Spirit : 9
Aylish Honour -/0, Faith (An Aylish Deity of honour) 1/10, Intimidation -/9, Reality (Aysle) 2/11

Arcane Knowledges
Air 1

Skill Notes: Your tag skill is beast riding.

Equipment: elfmail, armor value TOU+6/14; lance, damage value STR+S/13; short sword, damage value STR+4/12; sword scabbard; glass mirror; sleeping mat; silken cord; cloth cloak; Cinder, a Draconis Aysle; 400 trades

Other Stuff
Birth Magic – You were born on the 23rd of Darsot 3 hours after midnight.
Your birth magic is therefore Apportation Air and and add is already included for the skill and arcance knowledges.
You have two 3 point attribute packages, one added to your Dexterity and one to your Perception.
These must be paid for at the end of each adventure and have an adventure cost of 1 possibility each.
You lose access to these packages if you disconnect and must reconnect two additional times (one for each package). Extended periods of disconnection will “kill” you.


Bonus chart


Background:From the time you were a child, you had the happy talent of being able to calm monstrous dragons with your soft words. As you grew older, you found the creatures would let you fly with them through the skies, and you soon joined the ranks of the dragonriders.
You fought many battles among the clouds, but it was not until you came to Earth that you met any of the people you were trying to conquer face to face. You found them not very much different from your friends on Elveim, and could not understand why Ardinay demanded their destruction.
When it was revealed that the Lady of the Light had been possessed, you wasted no time in offering your services to her army. Tolwyn of Tancred welcomed you, but said that your abilities would best be put to use by the side of Storm Knights, and she introduced you to a group. Now you fight beside them against those who would bring death and despair to this new land.

Personality: Brash and impetuous, you are happiest when you areon your mount and soaring high above the realm. You are firmly convinced that most problems arise from the fact that so many must spend their lives chained to the ground.

Quote: “He is truly a great, proud beast. See the rich, golden color of the flames he breathes?”


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